2015 was about defining and refining what we do. Here, we look back at some of the highlights of the last 12 months.

In 2015 we reframed 5,000 videos and synced them with 5,000,000 tweets. We reframed about 200 livestream events a week.

Each month in 2015, Reframed got an average of 27% new users with 13% more return visits.

The average viewing time of our video pages on is 28 mins 29 seconds. That’s 7 times longer than the average session length for the top online video providers worldwide (such as YouTube).



Reframed videos have been viewed in 151 countries

Screenshot from 2015-12-22 14:58:34

Unsurprisingly, as a UK-based startup, almost 50% of our audience was from the UK. 


User split: 60% male, 40% female.

However, the group with the highest site engagement was 18-25 year old females. Drawn by the appeal of YouTube celebrities, they spent 44% longer on our site than our average session duration and viewed 15% more pages than average.



How we automatically reframe 200 events every week

We started automating our content and user acquisition in October. (If you tweet a YouTube livestream URL, the word ‘live’ or ‘livestream’ and one related hashtag then we automatically capture it, sync the hashtag to the livestream and tweet it to you).

Since then the content has taken a life of its own – away from any in-house biases – and become far more diverse, as you would expect from crowd sourcing.

The livestream is often captured by ‘evangelists’ of the content or the content creators themselves. So, they’re more likely to share our tweets and attract their audience to Reframed.

The point at which we pushed automation live on our graph is fairly obvious:

social growth graph

We automatically reframed content from +2460 YouTube channels. To filter the noise created from our Twitter accounts we began segmenting by category (based on YouTube categories). Each time we captured a tweet and made a livestream we added it to a public Google calendar so users could subscribe to find out what’s coming up and to catch up on what they’ve missed.

Screenshot from 2015-12-22 14:30:24


What are people watching? Here’s a breakdown of the video categories we Reframed in 2015

While we expected tweets about News & Politics to be high, we were surprised about the high number of tweets per minute on music videos.

Category Twitter ID videos no. of tweets synced Tweets per min calendar URL
News & Politics @ReframedNews 526 1,343,330 27 Google cal link
Sports @reframedSport 787 678,398 5.5 Google cal link
People & Blogs @reframedVlogs 424 429,668 14.1 Google cal link
Science & Technology 221 278,034 7.35
Gaming @reframedGaming 560 273,711 4.13 Google cal link
Music @reframedMusic 225 223,882 29 Google cal link
Entertainment @ReframedLive 881 256,865 1.78 Google cal link
Film & Animation @reframedFilms 194 95,222 10.9 Google cal link
Education @ReframedEdu 393 30,673 1.32 Google cal link

Here are the most popular videos (by dwell time)

Science: As vital as ever

Screenshot from 2015-12-22 14:40:43

Video duration: 2 hours
Average viewing time: 5 hours
Tweets: 557 tweets

Watch it back

UFC 194 & The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Press Conference

Screenshot from 2015-12-22 15:02:47

Video duration: 45 minutes
Average viewing time: 2 hours and 4 minutes
Tweets: 590

Audience demographic breakdown:

  • 100% male
  • 42% aged18-24
  • 58% aged 25-34
  • 26 countries
  • 4 continents
  • Spread across the 6 days after the event (Peaked a day after)

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Labour Leadership candidates debate live | Channel 4 news

Screenshot from 2015-12-22 15:19:49

Video duration: 54 minutes
Average viewing time: 1hr32
Tweets: 995

Watch it back

Donald Trump LIVE rally in Burlington


Donald Trump rally in Burlington, VT. 82 Donald Trump rally videos for the Republican nomination have been reframed in the last three months of 2015.

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