Reframing TDC

We’re thrilled to announce we will be once again partnering with Thinking Digital conference to enhance the conference livestream.

For anyone not lucky enough to be attending you can catch the whole thing live (and on catch up afterwards) at the Thinking Digital website.

1. See the conversation as it happens

Reframed will sync all conversation on the #TDC16 hashtag in real time with the livestream, so you can see reactions and moments people are sharing.

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2. Virtual Networking

All of the Tweets we display next to the video within the plater are interactive, so even if you can’t be at the venue, you can still ‘network’ and interact with the wider digital community. Clicking a username will take you directly to their Twitter profile, allowing you to see exactly who is driving the conversation.

3. Make Private Notes

If you’re the same as the majority of us, you love the information you get at conferences and wish you were back at your desk that very moment so you can start implementing all the life changing ideas you have just been hearing about, and then you instantly forget most of it as soon as you leave the venue. It’s human nature to forget these things, however, if you log into Reframed, you can actually make private notes, that we will store on your account, allowing you to relive, and relearn specific moments of any talk.

4. Join the conversation through the reframed player

5. Watch On Catch Up

Finally – the good people at Thinking Digital not only are livestreaming the whole event, but they are leaving it all online afterwards to let you catch up with any of it you may have missed, or simply to let you enjoy the experience again.

With Reframed, you will be able to see the social conversation in tandem with the video while watching on catch up so you get the best of both worlds.

So how can I find the Thinking Digital Live Stream?

The livestream will be available at the Thinking Digital website. Also we recommend following their Twitter account @ThinkingDigital and also @Reframedtv for live behind the scenes tweets of the event.

The livestream will be available on Wednesday 11th May from around 9.30am:

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