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What do you mean you’re not livestreaming your event? It’s 2016, so get on board the livestreaming train! Livestreaming used to be expensive, but with a new livestreaming app launching each month (almost) and advances in technology and bandwidth, livestreaming is more accessible and affordable than ever before. What are you waiting for?

2015 was a turning point for mobile livestreaming. With the launch of Meerkat quickly followed by Periscope (later acquired by Twitter) and Facebook setting up their own native streaming capabilities, it’s safe to say that livestreaming is firmly on the radar for marketers.


Apps like this are great for personal broadcasting, and access to celebs, but they’re not really set up for you to broadcast a full conference or event.

If you’re running an event this year and want to get involved with livestreaming, you should probably look in the direction of YouTube. Livestreaming via YouTube is now incredibly easy….

Why should you be livestreaming in 2016?

1. Engage a wider audience. Livestreaming helps you spread your message far and wide. It allows people who can’t attend the ability to see, interact with and share. In the past, event organisers have been reticent to livestream in the fear that people would just sit and watch from home instead of buying a ticket. Yet for those who have committed to giving free access to livestreams it’s only added to the experience. People who actually attend the event get more from it than just what’s on stage – the networking, the atmosphere etc.

2. The long tail effect. 30% of people who attend a livestream event have attended the physical event the following year. You can market your livestream as a ‘try before you buy’ tactic. You can even give out special codes to those exclusively on the livestream to get a discounted ticket for the following year, striking while the iron is hot (if you’ve planned that far in advance).

3. Your event can become international. All livestream delegates need is internet access, so  your event can become global with the simple decision to livestream it. This in turn could appeal to international or multi-territory sponsors and people in your particular industry world-wide.

4. Build a database of people watching your event. Target dormant attendees – set up email reminders so they have to join a mailing list to get access to the event link and reminders, pre- and post-event content etc.

5. Foster your virtual community. With a tool like Reframed you can see who’s tweeting and commenting on your talk and use this data and conversation to build stronger ties to your community.

6. Archive your event. If you livestream and record your event it can be archived and used in the future. You can direct people back to your content time and time again, making it work harder. You can take moments that happened on stage to drive people back to your event through all forms of post-event comms – social media, email, your website. Use the content to drive next year’s sales, secure speakers and sponsors.

7. Extra revenue. Livestreaming to sponsor’s websites or industry media partners can provide an income-making opportunity.

+ 5 bonus reasons you should be livestreaming your event…. Introducing Reframed!

  1. We show social media reactions to your content in real time. Reframed is a new way to experience video content. As you can see from the above example, we sync tweets with video in real time. This gives you great insight into which parts of your content people engaged with the most.
  2. Increase time on stream on average by up to 6 times. Dwell time on web pages and video is becoming more crucial. Our new technology adds a layer of interactivity to your content. People are curious beasts and we play to that by serving real time social commentary alongside video.
  3. We work with you to identify key people within the social and digital community. Community managers love using Reframed. It’s like gold dust for community and relationship building. Imagine accessing information on people who have tweeted about your event – and seeing the context of the tweet. And there are loads of tools and reports we can give to support social media and community managers.
  4. Share the most engaging moments. When you (or anyone else for that matter) comments using our player, we generate a timestamp link to the moment you’re commenting about so you can share it on social. This personal recommendation has been proven to bring people to content and stay longer watching it than simply getting a general link.
  5. Awesome editorial. Reframed allows you to share all the best moments of your event. You can link to the start of each speaker and every moment you wish to share. This helps you get a lot more out of your content post-event and makes the most of your livestreaming investment.

livestreaming editorial using reframed tv

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