Kev & Jo on the Tyne
December 23, 2014

A remarkable 2014

2014 has been the most remarkable year Jo and I have had in 7 years of business together. Building Reframed for the full year has been so exciting and so much fun. We’re blown away by the support we’ve gotten and the enthusiasm of the companies we have been talking with this year. If you told us mid way through 2013 that this would now be our lives we couldn’t have believed you, it has been mind blowing.

Granted, start-up life has not been easy. There’s very little down time, there are generally more questions than answers. Every answer, if untested, can cost the company dearly, there’s pressure from so many directions and a limited budget to deliver everything we’ve promised – it feels like you are constantly running headlong towards the edge of a cliff as fast as you can whilst trying to make the team around you believe, as much as you do, that we will fly or be caught.
It can be stressful, aggravating, scary and confidence shaking.

Yet we wouldn’t give it up.
The people around us say we appear happier than we have been in years – we’re energised by doing something that we love and being surrounded by people that are genuinely remarkable. All of the downsides and the hard work pale in comparison and keep us grounded.

One of the highlights of 2014 and one of the things that has made the year easier is moving Reframed into Campus North.
Campus North is ran primarily by the three people that took a chance on us when we applied to the Ignite accelerator with a pretty picture and a lot of confidence. They’re investors in the business and friends. They’ve created an environment where we’re surrounded by beautiful collaborative minds every day. It has made many aspects of building a business here in the North East so much easier and gives a huge amount of hope around the tech sector in the North East by pulling in support and investment from around the country.

Another stand out memory has been our team; We’ve grown to four people (plus two dogs) in the office day to day this year along with a Chairman we have known and trusted for years. We have gotten so lucky with our hiring, knowing that in a start up bringing in the wrong person at the wrong time can kill the business quickly. The team has fit together seamlessly creating a culture we’re extremely proud of.

This year we’ve met heroes, pitched in front of audiences in London and at the Sage, visited No 10, won awards, surrounded ourselves with some of the most impressive people and have brilliant news to announce in the new year. If next year is only half as full the last one it will still feel like a success.

The plans and support structure we have put in place this year will hopefully stand us in good stead for 2015 and onwards. With our continuing relationship with Twitter and the BBC R&D team using us for a paid trial, next year will hopefully be even more exciting than this. We’re also looking to bring even more remarkable people into the team next year too.

We truly hope your 2014 was as exceptional as ours and that you are looking forward to a prosperous 2015.

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