We’re making video more social
Reframed is the glue between Twitter and video, providing the ultimate on-demand and live video viewing experience.

We solve a real problem for content creators big and small.

The problem? We’re all out of sync. We watch different things at different times and social media conversation breaks down. Meanwhile, content creators struggle to get the same engagement on non-live broadcast, which is frustrating when videos cost time and money to produce.

Share moments / see reactions:

Reframed is the answer. It syncs comments and Twitter reaction to the timeline of a video so they’re always in context.

Now you can join the conversation whenever you’re watching and engage with people who watched the same video at a different time.

You can also share your reactions on social media, linking people directly into the moments of video that interest you –  increasing viewers through personal recommendations and engagement through interaction with the audience.

Reframed drives traffic directly to creators’ website, extending the lifespan of your videos including  archive material.

It’s about building a community, moment by moment.

Plus: You can use the data from Reframed to better understand viewer reactions.Tweets and comments on reframed videos can be processed through sentiment analysis tools and filtered by positive and negative sentiment. We can also filter by theme and then jump into those moments to understand the conversation deeper.

Reframed boosts engagement with your video, increases how long your audience watches (dwell time) and makes it easier for them to share with friends – virally growing your audience.


  • Reframed time-stamps your comments at the moment you start typing
  • Comments are displayed next to the video at the exact time they were left, providing context.
  • Comment activity is displayed visually in graph form over a timeline so people can instantly see the points of interest. This allows us to gather keywords that describe the content of a video at a specific point, which is vital for content owners and allows us to deliver search results of exact moments within video.
  • Comments are displayed outside the flow of the video due to their size.
  • Comments can be tweeted with an automatically generated link, which delivers viewers to the exact moment in the video, creating further discussion.
  • Each user has a profile area, which allows them to keep track of all their comments across the videos they have ‘reframed’.

The Story so far…

Jo York and Kev Price originally started a web development agency, Ki Media, in 2008 with the ambitious goal of building awesome things all the time, but soon realized that’s not necessarily what a business needs, wants or can actually afford.

They were accepted onto Ignite, a technology accelerator programme in the North East in September 2013, with an initial idea about commenting on conference proceedings. The concept moved on swiftly under the process with the duo taking it to market trial within three months and learning more in that time than the previous six years in business.

They were awarded follow-on funding at the end of Ignite, allowing them to employ talented designer Isaac Lara and experienced developer Adrian Gordon who was previously CTO at mobile commerce firm Mobicart.

At the end of May 2014, they received Twitter player cards, allowing videos to appear in tweets using the Reframed system, essentially becoming part of the social network’s ecosystem and tapping into its massive user base.

Reframed is partners with Twitter UK, Kaltura and Thinking Digital, we’re ‘entrepreneurs in residence’ at BBC Worldwide Labs and are courting interest from BBC, ITV, All4 and Trinity Mirror.

In 2015, Reframed.TV exceeded investment expectations with no commercial revenue. Friends Reunited founder Steve Pankhurst is an investor, Paul Whitehead is NX director while Unruly’s co-founder Sarah Woods is a mentor.



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