Press: Reframed.TV among North East firms set to power through next 12 months

Radio4 Bottomline

This was the question most asked of me during the recording of BBC4’s The Bottom Line, which I was invited to take part in a few weeks ago. Ok, it was filmed in the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in front of an audience almost exclusively from the local area, but, frankly, who can blame […]


Although it wasn’t actually our intention to give the brand a refresh, we’re always learning and iterating. That goes for our core product, our pitch, the way we describe Reframed and, in some cases, even our use of specific words. A good brand does not a good startup make, but a clear unified brand message […]

Reframing TDC

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. We can’t believe it was only a year ago that we entered the Thinking Digital Startup Competition and made it to the final with CEO Kev pitching on the Thinking Digital stage in front of 500 people – and even more watching online. Although we didn’t win, […]

Press: Award-winning graduate returns to Northumbria University to inspire women entrepreneurs

Press: North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2014

Press: Cream of the business crop honoured at North East Woman Entrepreneur Awards


It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to meet and speak to arguably the most important person in design at the moment, so I was very excited to be in the same room as Sir Jonathan Ive. As an alumnus of Northumbria University, their enterprise team have been amazingly supportive of Reframed and an invite […]

Press: Starting a business in Newcastle: Reframed


As the Team have been adding new features to Reframed we’ve also been stepping up our user testing. We’ve had loads of great feedback and have identified a few small extra features that improve the UX particularly for new users. Most of the changes are subtle and there are so many of them, it’s not […]

Jo and Kev from at No.10

It’s not everyday you get to discuss the future vision for Reframed around the G8 table at Number 10 in Margaret Thatcher’s old office, but on July 21st thats exactly where we found ourselves. We were there to meet Daniel Korski, special advisor to David Cameron who’s recently been raising the profile of the UK’s […]

Bloomberg Tech City Showcase

On 17th July Tech City UK invited Reframed to Bloomberg’s UK headquarters to represent the North East in a show case of startups around the country. With so many great companies across the region, we were honoured to be chosen alongside our Campus North neighbours and fellow Ignite alumni Match Chat. As well as meeting the audience of investors, […]


What a week we had last week! It started with our much anticipated move to Campus North, an amazing space dedicated to tech startups. We’re going to be surrounded by more than 150 founders, developers and designers with local tech meetups and educational workshops on our doorstep. We can’t wait to meet everyone that comes […]

Press: North East video commenting innovators pitch to Thinking Digital audience

Ignite demo day London

Not all accelerators are created equal and we’ve only ever been in one but, hand on heart, after 15 years of building websites, applying for Ignite was THE best business decision we have ever made. We got more out of it than we could ever have imagined and, post accelerator, personally and professionally we’re both in a much better place.

Press: at #dynamo14

Follow, Favourite & delete

As we’re all too aware, the internet can be a very noisy place. From day one our main aim at reframed has been to improve discussion around video and our latest batch of features take us a step closer to reducing noise, with some prioritising tools.

Reframed browser extensions

We now have our own browser extensions, for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Add it to your web browser and you will get a ‘Reframe this video’ button when watching a video on This will open that video in a new tab allowing you to comment on specific moments within the video, invite your friends to […]

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