Bloomberg Tech City Showcase

On 17th July Tech City UK invited Reframed to Bloomberg’s UK headquarters to represent the North East in a show case of startups around the country. With so many great companies across the region, we were honoured to be chosen alongside our Campus North neighbours and fellow Ignite alumni Match Chat.

As well as meeting the audience of investors, press and potential partners, it was great to speak to the other companies from across the UK, including Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, and Sheffield/Leeds, and hear their startup stories. 

The event was a great success for us, meeting journalists, potential partners/clients, investors and not to mention a whole load of great introductions that we’ll be meeting in the coming weeks.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Tech City team for organising the event, asking us to be a part of it and for helping us make some great connections that will, we’re sure, help us scale and grow Reframed.

Here’s some of the tweets:





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