Reframed’s CEO, Kev Price, was invited to speak at the SPE Meltdown event on Innovation, an internal event for Sony employees at the Sony Pictures Europe HQ in London last week. It was so well received that we thought we’d share it. ——— Innovation itself is rarely the problem. In 2007 my business partner Jo […]


We’ve previously discussed how politics drives discussion on Twitter with our average Prime Minister’s Questions’ session drawing 1000s of tweets in a 30-minute period. It’s is just one of many examples of how engaged people get with the topic. Below, we have synced tweets from last week’s BBC Question Time for you to be able to see how […]


Livestreaming is undeniably one of the hot trends of 2016. It seems more brands and organisations are adopting the practice of livestreaming on a daily basis. And none more so than those in sport. From Football, UFC and other MMA organisations, Badminton, Curling, Snooker, Rugby, Karate, eSports, Swimming, Boxing, to Show Jumping – sports of […]

livestreaming 2016

What do you mean you’re not livestreaming your event? It’s 2016, so get on board the livestreaming train! Livestreaming used to be expensive, but with a new livestreaming app launching each month (almost) and advances in technology and bandwidth, livestreaming is more accessible and affordable than ever before. What are you waiting for? 2015 was a turning […]

fail at livestreaming

DISCLAIMER: Let’s be clear: this is a silly post and we do not advocate the following points, which have been constructed from analysing the behaviour of brands and events who have livestreamed. Hey, have you ever been in a position where you’ve been convinced (against all your instincts) that livestreaming your event would be a […]