fail at livestreaming

DISCLAIMER: Let’s be clear: this is a silly post and we do not advocate the following points, which have been constructed from analysing the behaviour of brands and events who have livestreamed. Hey, have you ever been in a position where you’ve been convinced (against all your instincts) that livestreaming your event would be a […]


Choosing the right event hashtag is important. If you have an event planned in 2016, you’ll more than likely have thought about a hashtag for it. Choosing your Event Hashtag Picking an event hashtag is important for the following reasons. Listen. You can capture chatter and reactions from your audience. Follow up. You can delve […]


When it comes to choosing how you want to power your next livestream event, Youtube livestreaming is a brilliant, quick and free option. In the past livestreaming was seen as an extra cost, overly technical and not a priority. As we enter 2016, live streaming is becoming more accessible and easier than ever to set up. If […]