September 4, 2014

Character countdown

As the Team have been adding new features to Reframed we’ve also been stepping up our user testing. We’ve had loads of great feedback and have identified a few small extra features that improve the UX particularly for new users.

Most of the changes are subtle and there are so many of them, it’s not worth going into here. But one of the most significant ones is the character count down as you type in the box.

Whilst the discussion box will let you type as much as you want, the top level comments are limited to 120 characters. We took this decision very early on to make the comments highly shareable on social media.

So, why 120 and not 140 characters for twitter?

Each comment has a “deep link” that brings people into the moment of video the comment is about, this deep link is shortened to 20 characters. Which takes us up the the limit of a single tweet.


So now as you type your comments the remaining characters will be displayed and will go red when you’ve reached the limit.

If you have any other feedback or questions about Reframed please email

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