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Today we’re launching Collections: a new way to discover content.

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We have simplified our navigation system to focus on content discovery.

A New Way to Navigate

At Reframed we sync thousands of comments and tweets with livestream video every week. As a result, our content database has been growing fast, to the point where it was becoming difficult to serve the best content to users searching our site.

Our previous solution for you to find the most recent content on our site was an ‘Explore’ section, which is an ever-updating flow of all livestreams we capture against Twitter conversation. As more brands and organisations take up livestreaming in 2016 we now realise this is not the best way to display our content.

Today we’ve launched a new navigation menu to help you find the content that matters to you.

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We appreciate that our users prefer certain kinds of content; be that genres such as sports, politics, or film, and we’ve found some people prefer to search our content via hashtag or even particular channels. One thing was certain, a one size fits all approach simply was no longer going to work.

So, we’ve reorganised our navigation menu to help you quickly find key parts of our site, but also to aid content discovery. We now group genres in ‘Collections’ (see below) and we’re also highlighting hand picked ‘Featured Hashtags’.

Introducing Collections

We wanted to create a way for you to discover content in a more natural and targeted way.

‘Collections’ are a new way to group and discover content on Reframed. We’ve been testing ‘Collections’ in beta for a while and have listened to feedback from users. We found that they wanted an easier way to discover collections and content that they liked.

What Are Collections?

Based on feedback from users we have grouped ‘Collections’ into three main types: 1.Channel, 2.Hashtag, and 3.Category.

  • Channel: Some brands consistently produce high quality livestream content that always has a buzz on social media. Our Channel Collections make it quick and easy to view whole channels of content. Some great examples are The RSA and The UFC.


  • Hashtag: Some causes and campaigns are grouped by hashtag, allowing content from multiple sources on the same subject to be grouped. A great example is #PMQs.
  • Category: Music, Sports, News etc. We now also aggregate content using genre.

Collections Allow You To Plan

With our busy lifestyles, planning time to catch livestreams can be difficult, it’s not like they’re listed anywhere convenient, right? So we’ve decided to tackle that problem. Across all Collections we’ll show you upcoming livestreams, and allow you to add them to your calendar with one click.

collections calendar reminder

collections calendar reminder

Another way to keep up-to-date with all the best content captured on Reframed is through our new mailing list. Simply let us know which categories you’re most interested in and we’ll send you weekly roundups of content directly to your inbox.

Let Us Know What You Think

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new changes, as we’re always looking to improve. Drop us a Tweet @ReframedTV with any comments and questions.

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