Choosing the right event hashtag is important. If you have an event planned in 2016, you’ll more than likely have thought about a hashtag for it.


Choosing your Event Hashtag

Picking an event hashtag is important for the following reasons.

  • Listen. You can capture chatter and reactions from your audience.
  • Follow up. You can delve deeper into questions people may have asked that you’ll have missed.
  • Broaden your message. People won’t need to be in the room to gain insight from your event. You’ll most likely have people in your audience live tweeting information and tid bits to their audience. If you’re smart, as the event organiser you’ll be the chief live tweeter, making sure you capture every moment, but also giving people following the hashtag a good running commentary of what’s happening. It also makes it easy for people to engage with.
  • Community. You can see who has been listening to and interacting with your event across social media. Most likely some of them won’t have attended in person. From a sales point of view they are a potential prospect for any follow-up events. From the community management angle, they’re expressing an interest in what you do. Perhaps you should connect with them online to further the relationship.

Picking the Event Hashtag

Picking a hashtag is quite simple but there are some fundamental rules you should follow.

  • Unique. Do a quick search on Twitter to make sure no-one else has used that hashtag before. Using a wholly unique hashtag will make your life easier when it comes to reporting and researching after the event.
  • Simple. The shorter, the better. You want people to be able to quickly add it onto a social post, rather than having to copy it down or check spellings every time they tweet.
  • Make it Relevant. This may seem obvious but make sure it’s a variation of the name of your event and nothing too generic.
  • READ IT. Is it SusanAlbumParty or SusAnalBumParty. If you don’t already know this story, it’s true. A record company, as part of the launch of their artist, Susan Boyle, chose that hashtag. Hilarity ensued. Safe to say you should read, and re-read your hashtag before you use it!


BONUS TIP: Use the event hashtag in advance
Make sure you publicise the event hashtag well in advance of the event and even try to get people using it before the event takes place.

  • In your social messaging. As soon as you have signed off your event hashtag, start using it in all your social communications. Even change your bio section to include it.
  • Your Twitter name (not @ handle). Don’t go changing your @name, especially if you’re verified as you’ll lose your little blue tick! But changing your name to your event name (and date) will be a constant reminder with all of your social messaging.
  • Website. Consider adding the event hashtag to your homepage and make sure it is included in all copy related to the event – from the ticket sales to speaker announcements and further information.
  • Emails and other marketing material. Again, make sure your event hashtag is used in the subject line / titles and copy of all marketing material. Top tip – link the hashtag to a Twitter search so if it is clicked you can see what has been said on the hashtag.
  • Tickets – finally if you are using physical or even digital ticketing, make sure the event hashtag is included.

Final bonus tip: Display your hashtag prominently at your event.


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