We hope you enjoyed either watching the sell-out Thinking Digital online or being there in person. You may have seen on the livestream that Reframed are syncing tweets about the event in real time. You may have even seen some of your tweets being featured. Cool, right?

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We’ve written a quick guide for you to get more out of using the Reframed player, after the event has finished. In fact it’s useful from the point when the very first speaker leaves the stage.

We know you all lead busy lives and may not have made it to the live event. This is where the Reframed player comes into its own as the ultimate catchup experience. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

1.See the conversation as it happens

Watch the video of each session and read synced Tweets to see people’s reactions.

  • Session 1: Eddie Obeng, Conrad Wolfram, Julian Treasure
  • Session 2: Adrian Woolard, Northern Tech Powerhouse Panel (Andrew Thomson, Martin Bryant, Claire Braithwaite and Hugh Campbell), LJ Rich
  • Session 3:  Stephen Waddington, James Girling, Peter Gregson, Pam Warhurst
  • Session 4: Tom Chatfield, Emma Foster & Kevin Moss, Lemn Sissay

2. Catch up on, and share moments you missed

Share a brilliant quote, the moment that spoke to you or something hilarious that happened on the #TDCMCR stage by adding a comment in the comment box and hitting Tweet.

3. Connect with people who’re watching #TDCMCR

Even if you’re watching at different times, Reframed keeps you in sync with the conversation and lets you see and connect with people who watched the same session.

4. Join in the conversation through the Reframed Player or directly on Twitter

You can join conversations on the Player by adding your comments in the text box and then hitting “Tweet” to share it on Twitter. To respond to someone directly on Twitter, just hit the arrow icon on their tweet and start typing.

5. Make private notes

Register for a Reframed account to add your own private notes on moments that most interest you. It’s like adding another layer of your own personal highlights to the best crowdsourced moments from Twitter, all in one place.


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