fail at livestreaming

DISCLAIMER: Let’s be clear: this is a silly post and we do not advocate the following points, which have been constructed from analysing the behaviour of brands and events who have livestreamed.

Hey, have you ever been in a position where you’ve been convinced (against all your instincts) that livestreaming your event would be a GOOD IDEA? It really sucks doesn’t it. DON’T PANIC. Here at Reframed, we’ve got your back. Just follow the six simple steps of our foolproof guide below to ensure your livestream is a complete and utter failure 🙂

DO NOT in any circumstances use a hashtag. Ever.
First things first. Make sure it’s really hard to find the livestream on social media because no one will ever think to search for it there. This will guarantee it’s really difficult to have a joined up conversation. No one likes them, do they?

Use really poor quality cameras and have a bad wifi signal
Should anyone actually manage to find your stream, you need to ensure it looks like it’s been filmed with a potato and buffers every few minutes. For extra fun, try using a really bad camera angle and terrible sound.

Don’t inform your speakers
Sneaky people might ask the speakers at your event where to find the livestream. The last thing you want is your speakers’ social media community of thousands catching wind of the URL. So, it’s best to keep them in the dark on the whole thing. Ssh, fingers on lips.

Never share your livestream link before the event
Ensuring your livestream is invisible to the public is guaranteed to waste your money much more efficiently. Try not to give the game away by including links to the livestream on pre- event communications or you’ll run the risk of people actually seeing what you’re trying to do.

Never share the livestream link during the event
If you’re going to bother to tweet during your event, you MUST do it in a really obscure way so people don’t understand what you’re up to. And whatever you do, DO NOT point people to the stream. Big mistake. Big. Huge.

And never share after it – please let it gather dust
Phew. You’ve successfully reached the end of your event with no one watching your stream. Good job! Now, it’s vital that you never, ever, ever share a link to it ever again. Ever. This way the event stream can gather digital dust, further proving the point that the whole thing was a complete waste of money and time in the first place. Yay!

BONUS PRO TIP: Make your livestream private as soon as the event finishes. BRAVO! This will ensure that if by hideous accident someone has let slip your stream link, no one will be able to watch it ever again. Boom!


OK – so we hope you could detect the sarcasm in this post, which we had a lot of fun writing. If you want to see what we think you should really, properly do to improve your livestreaming efforts, you can do the exact opposite of the above, but also check out the following posts.

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