Politics is one of the most fiercely debated topics on social media, naturally drawing opinion and debate. Never before have we had the level of contact, transparency (to a certain degree) and access to the political classes – and it’s all thanks to the rise of social media.

Leaders quotes, gaffs, and key moments are beamed as-they-happen across the globe in real time, and then reported on by 24-hour news programmes so they’re remembered and potentially there to haunt another day.

While many industries and individuals have turned to livestreaming over the last 18 months, none more so than US politicians.

American Politics Is Leading The Way

The race for the US Presidency is well underway with the candidates taking to social media to spread their campaign messages.

Democrat (socialist) candidate Bernie Sanders and front runner for the Republican presidential nomination Donald Trump have fully embraced livestreaming as part of their political strategy. On a daily basis Reframed is syncing the livestreams of Sanders and “The Donald” as they attempt to appeal to the American public.

On average their streams, which last over an hour, will have 1000s of tweets and viewers, helping to amplify their message.

However, these Presidential candidates are only pretenders to the livestreaming throne, as POTUS himself, Barack Obama, has been a keen participant in livestreamed broadcasts. As the inaugural President to send a tweet, along with other social media firsts, Obama is truly one of the world’s foremost ‘Social Leaders’.

World News + Global Reactions = Reframed

When it comes to livestreaming, political figures and world leaders in general have been the most prolific. At Reframed, we’ve captured content from Russia’s President Putin, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, President Obama and even the Pope in the last six weeks.

We’ve found that combining social reactions with political content is proving a real sweet spot with social media users.

Even on a weekly basis we see people engaging with the Prime Minister’s and Scotland’s First Minister’s Questions (a weekly UK politicians debate / questions and answers session). Although they’re not currently livestreamed, we can sync comments and reactions afterwards, to show how the general public and political commentators reacted in real time.

It’s quite obvious that the London Mayoral Elections and the Scottish Elections both in May this year as well as the next UK Prime Ministerial election in 2020 will feature more social media than GE2015 for instance, and that livestreaming will be a large part of that as the trend develops across the world.

How do you feel about the mixture of social media and politics? Do you think it adds vital access and transparency or do you think it just adds to the noise? Let us know in the comments below.

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