Follow, Favourite & delete

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we’ve been busy working on many small improvements to the interface and functionality. We wanted to update you on some new features that are now available on

Some comments are more equal than others

As we’re all too aware, the internet can be a very noisy place. From day one our main aim at has been to improve discussion around video and our latest batch of features take us a step closer to reducing noise, with some prioritising tools.  This is only the beginning and there’s lots more features and announcements we’ll be sharing in the weeks to come. Sign up to the mailing list to keep up with what we’re doing.

Favourite someone else’s comment

blog_favSee a comment you like, you can now favourite it. Currently this has two effects. 1) you will see this comment on your profile page. 2) when you watch the video, this comment will have priority in the comment list on the right, even if later comments appear.

Follow all the comments of another user


You can also follow a user, which will give priority to their comments in all the videos in which they have commented. They will be displayed on your profile when you’re logged in.

Delete your own comments


You can now delete your own comments. If you’re logged in via twitter,  you will now see a “Delete” icon on your comments. What happens if there’s a discussion for a deleted comment? Well, the rest of the conversation will stay there, but the comment is placed by a “This comment has been deleted” message.

UX: Comment actions pause on mouse over

We’re always looking to improve the user experience and one of the first moves we’ve made is to stop a comment animating when you’ve hovered over it whilst you complete the action (eg. favourite, follow user, delete, share & discuss).

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