Private Reframed Comments
July 25, 2014

Private commenting

During our time on the Ignite100 accelerator, we took a huge idea of fixing interactive TV and whittled it down to a core feature of commenting on a moment of video.

For a time our focus was commenting on conference talks, enabling you to keep your own notes to which you can refer back in context – being able to watch the video and see the thoughts you had at the time or skip through a video to the moments you have saved for later.

private Reframed comments

This private commenting feature gives you that ability. Just add a conference talk to, log in and click the padlock icon to make your comments private. You can then comment, make notes, secretly heckle and add reminders that only you can see or refer back to.

Each of your comments will be saved to your Reframed profile allowing you to refer back to them at any time.

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