After three incredible years, we are closing the doors of Reframed.

Regrettably, it’s no longer commercially viable to maintain the servers and so we’ve made the difficult decision to end this project here.

It’s been such an enjoyable ride and we’ve had phenomenal support. From the moment we entered Ignite100 with little more than a pdf and the confidence we could build something to this announcement today, everyone’s belief in our product and our team has been amazing.

Thank you to our investors and to everyone who has have ever used Reframed, tweeted, mentored us, been friends to us when times have been tricky, or told us when our ideas were good or bad.

To our team – you are all remarkable. Thank you.

This isn’t likely to be the last you’ll hear from us as it’s doubtful we’ll be getting ‘proper’ jobs.

If you’d like keep updated on what we end up doing next please follow us on Twitter:



Or swing by Campus North and say hi.

All the best to you and yours,
Kev and Jo

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