Reframed and Kaltura partnership

Tech startup, Reframed, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kaltura, provider of the leading video technology platform, to bring its video commenting player to the international market.

Reframed technology, which increases engagement, audience reach and the lifetime of video content, is now available to Kaltura’s global community of users across education, enterprise and media and entertainment markets, and can be accessed through the Kaltura Exchange, the company’s video solutions marketplace.

Customers can access the functionality of the Reframed Player as a bolt on to enhance their own websites, allowing them to collect and display synced text comments and tweets to moments of video. With these contextual responses, viewers can watch a video at different times and still discuss the content, whether it’s a livestream or a recorded video. The conversation can also be processed through sentiment analysis tools and filtered by positive and negative sentiment so publishers can better understand viewer responses.

Kev Price, CEO of Reframed, said: “It’s an important step for us to work with such a renowned brand and their clients. Being part of the Kaltura Exchange allows us to make an impact with the technology across different sectors that can all use the Reframed Player in different ways. For example, in education, we’re excited to see how using it in the classroom can help spark discussion, demonstrate practical progress and understanding of assignments.”

The Reframed technology wraps around the video with a new interface and full moderation tools to manage and facilitate conversation about the video content. This includes a comment box, which timestamps them, a comment display area, which displays them at the moment they refer to, and an activity graph over the timeline, which users can use to skip to the parts of the video generating interest.

Reframed’s shareable “deep links” allow users to jump in and out of specific moments of interest, driving traffic directly to creators’ websites. Users can also share the full video on social media, playing from the moment the tweet refers to with Twitter Player Cards.

Zohar Babin, Managing Director; VPaaS, Ecosystem and Community at Kaltura, said: “The demand for social engagement tools for video is increasing steadily as video continues to permeate all aspects of our lives. At Kaltura, we are focused on providing access to the most current social engagement tools through partnerships with companies like Reframed, who provide publishers with ways to extend the lifetime of video through increased collaboration, audience reach and contextual understanding.”


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Reframed.TV is changing the way the world consumes, interacts with and shares video for the better. Co-founded by Kev Price and Jo York in Sept 2013, who are based in Newcastle, our mission is to make video truly social. Users can create contextual conversations with time-specific comments in video, share them with deep links, follow other users and favorite comments. It’s about building a community, moment by moment.



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