Livestreaming is undeniably one of the hot trends of 2016. It seems more brands and organisations are adopting the practice of livestreaming on a daily basis. And none more so than those in sport.

From Football, UFC and other MMA organisations, Badminton, Curling, Snooker, Rugby, Karate, eSports, Swimming, Boxing, to Show Jumping – sports of all levels of professionalism and sizes are stepping up to the livestreaming plate.

Just recently the NFL have struck a historic $10million deal with Twitter to stream the Thursday night play directly on platform, continuing the trend of people moving away from consuming sport through traditional means and adapting to the mobile and digital world.

Twitter isn’t the only dog in the fight. Yahoo has announced they’ll be streaming daily basketball games and Facebook is also weighing in, beefing up their livestreaming algorithms, though they’ve yet to announce anything major.

In the UK the World Snooker Championships announced that all their qualifying matches would be streamed live, including accompanying shows. This opens the door to a new generation of sports fans and allowing people to consume the games in their own time on their own devices.

50 per cent of all Twitter TV conversation is focused on sports

1000s of sports across the globe are using livestreaming to great effect. They’re growing membership, interest and revenue by taking advantage of livestreaming. It stands to reason if all you need to market your sport globally is some basic equipment and access to the internet.

Whether it’s exclusive platform-based streaming or individual sports stars taking advantage of things like Periscope and other ‘personal broadcasting’ apps, one thing is for sure – livestreaming is here to stay!

Sports Reframed

Nearly 50 per cent of all Twitter TV conversation is focused on sports, according to Nielsen, so it’s obvious why Reframed makes the perfect viewing platform for sports.

Being able to see reactions in line with the action is an irresistible combination whether you’re watching live or on catch up.

Reframed captures that raw, in-the-moment reaction and displays it in real time alongside your favourite sport and athletes.

Future of sports livestreaming

Take a look at how UFC uses livestreaming in their pre- and post-event activities to see how many sports will transition in the future.

As more and more rights holders adapt to this new digital era, fans are only set to benefit. As more platforms increase their livestreaming capabilities and new business models and deals are developed, it’s going to be an interesting space to watch in the next few years.

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