March 14, 2016

#TDCLDN + Reframed

We’re excited to have Reframed back on board as partners to make video more social for the TDC community watching via the free livestream in real-time and on catchup.

How does it work?
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Reframed has captured and synced in excess of 10,000 tweets about previous Thinking Digtial events. At #TDC15 in May last year, Reframed captured 3,500 tweets across the live conference from 148 countries and six continents and synced them with the livestream, which helped double engagement with catchup viewers.

Sounds great. So, what is Reframed and how does it work?

Reframed allows you to comment on, share and discuss specific moments of video in context, no matter whether you’re watching live or on catchup.

Reframed captures tweets using #tdcldn and syncs them to the session videos as they happen on live broadcast and while the viewer is watching the video on demand, so the conversation is always in context.

This way you can see who’s driving the conversation and join in. Wherever you are or whenever you’re watching, you never miss a moment with Reframed.


Share moments: You can tweet directly from the video. The video will play from that point and link people back to that moment.

See reactions: People’s tweets are displayed next to the video at the moment they’re tweeted. And you can skip to the moments of the video generating interest via the activity graph under the timeline.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re watching live or an hour, a week, a month later, you can join in the conversation.

And, if you’re signed in, you can see your own tweets and make your own public and private notes for each session’s video.

Awesome, sign me up. How do I use it?


Livestream viewers will have a ‘unified experience’. You’ll be able to see tweets and pause, restart or watch later then make your own comments all on the same screen.  

Each comment is shareable and brings people into the exact moment of the video you want to share with a deep link.

  1. Follow the links from the Thinking Digital website or social media accounts to find the livestream
  2. Sign in using your Twitter account
  3. Share moments with one click

The great thing about the Reframed player is that the content and most importantly the context will live on after the event closes. People can watch the event at any time and also have the benefit of seeing all of the tweets and comments as they happened.

“The livestream and the collaboration between Thinking Digital and Reframed was a massive success so we can’t wait to work with them again at #TDCLDN.” Herb Kim, creator of Thinking Digital.

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