Photograph: Thomas Jackson
October 5, 2015

#TDCMCR 2015

On the 2nd and 3rd of November the Thinking Digital Conference (TDC) hits Manchester for the first time, and we’re proud to announce Reframed will once again be partnering with the Thinking Digital team to enhance the conference livestream experience, enabling people everywhere to join the #TDCMCR conversation wherever and whenever they’re watching.

At the last event in May 2015, we successfully worked with TDC team and delegates, syncing over 3500 tweets to the live stream in real time helping catch up viewers get context, and enabling a much richer conversation around the event in the weeks and months after.

How Does Reframed work?

We sync your tweets to the exact moment you sent them, displaying them in real time against the live stream. If you tweet directly from our Reframed Player your tweet is automatically time-stamped, allowing you to give your tweets more context, bringing people directly to the moment you wanted to share.

Reframed is sticky – how it increases engagement

  • We gathered almost 3500 tweets and synced them back to the video for each 2hr20m session.
  • 900 people in total tuned in across the two-day event to watch live, with viewers peaking at 157 for session 1.

Of those 900 people watching live:

  • 18% stayed online to watch for the full length of the video
  • 6% watched the streams for twice the length of the video
  • For catch up with two weeks after the event, more than 2000 views were logged from people in 135 countries across 33 countries and six continents checked out the conference videos online after the event.

Catch up viewers stayed on the site almost twice as long watching videos (an average of 70 minutes) as live viewers (48 minutes).

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 16.26.47

Kev Price, CEO of Reframed, said: “The statistics are significant as they show that Reframed does increase engagement. People weren’t just watching the video in chronological order, they were jumping in and out of moments of interest, based on the activity graph, and ended up doubling their time spent online.”

Find out more about Reframing your live stream event.

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